Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Now That's Funny, Right There

Very Far Out-of-State Foster Care Caseworker:  You are one of 14 families who have asked to be considered for the children.  We have a staffing meeting scheduled where we will narrow it down to 6 families for the children.  At that time, we'll show those 6 profiles to the teenager in the sibling group and see how he feels about the families.  If you are matched, you'll have to pay the out-of-state court and agency fees up front in addition to travel and lodging and will only be reimbursed for a small portion of those costs at adoption finalization.  Do you still want to move forward?

Me (inner monologue):  14 families?!  BWAHAHAHAHA!!!  There is NO WAY you all are going to choose US out of 14 families and, if you do, that's a flashing, neon sign from God!!

Me (actual e-mail response):  If we are the only family matched with these children, we will make it work.

Y'all, that's funny, right there.