Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Bad Case of Bio Block

Can't you just see him taunting me with his
dust bunnies and missing letters??
(don't you just love how my kids have destroyed
my wrist rest for the 7 zillionth time?)

I woke up this morning with a bad headache (courtesy of my big-girl allergies) and exactly one project on my must-do-today list:  Write a brief biography.  And, yet, here I am writing a blog post instead.  Why?  Because I HATE writing about all the reasons why people should come listen to me.  On this blog, I write what I think about everything else in the world but I rarely write about ME and if you want to read it, you can.  Doesn't bother me if you don't.  The problem with bios is that you have to "sell" yourself.  You have to write about your awesomeness in such a way that people will want to come see you and think that your life experience is worth their time otherwise what is the point of writing up an entire presentation for an empty room?  I've been trying to "sell" us for two years with foster care caseworkers and they don't seem to give a rats arse how awesome we are so maybe it's just that I'm a little tired of singing my own praises.  

In this case, Guitar Hero and I were asked to do a break-out session at the Northeast Adoption Summit in know, the one where KARYN PURVIS is the keynote speaker.  What the WHAT???   I'm not even going to talk about how ludicrous it is that we are somehow on the "expert team" for this hootenanny.  Our bio is due tomorrow.  Here's the thing, we DO have something to say.  That's not the problem.  We may have had one of the best case scenario foster adoptions in the history of EVER but we still have something to say.  We've learned A LOT from our own adoption, from our search for our other kids, from friends who are further down the road than we are and from helping friends with their adoptions.  I'm not worried about the presentation.  That outline is due by January 1st and the problem will be keeping it concise and to the point.  

This bio, though...I just don't know.  Do you think a presenter has ever backed out because they couldn't write their own bio??  Yeah, that would be pretty lame...right?